Torraine Drops Two Ferocious New Love Songs


"Lifted off her forthcoming album Miles From Heaven, Torraine Futurum shared today two new singles, both of which offer completely different sounds from the rising New York-based musician. Beyond writing all original lyrics herself, Futurum also independently produced each track with additional production from longtime collaborator Wyatt Bertz

The first, "Key Party," is an electronic celebration of polyamory, featuring a sample from the 2000 docudrama Dirty Pictures about controversy surrounding Robert Mapplethorpe's sadomasochistic photography. "Don’t trip on who she loving/ Go out and fuck on something, " Futurum screams on the chorus. "Don’t dream about you less than/ Just be a living legend." The artist says she wrote the track this summer, the day after her first acid trip. "It's also about being insecure, as it pertains to love, career [and] friendships," Futurum adds. 

The second, "Forest Hills," is starkly different than "Key Party," drenched in sludgy synths, dense drums and grizzly guitars. It's "quite literally an angry break-up song," Futurum says, echoing the song's searing, aggressive production. "We'll just be no more," she warns on the verse, before repeating on the chorus: "I claimed a lie/ So you can't make it right." The song is ruthless and self-aware, featuring artwork depicting Futurum's mugshot with the words, "Crime of passion," written beneath."

Photography: Lia Clay
Makeup: Slater S.
Models: Torraine Futurum, Zholiē Brooks & Wyatt Bertz

Torraine For Bushwick Daily

From Bushwick Daily:

Torraine Futurum, Ridgewood resident and self-proclaimed “Black Panther Barbie,” does it all. A model, artist, musician, or whatever title she decides to take on next, everything Torraine touches turns to gold — and with good reason. Torraine and her art are out of this world. In fact, when asked where she’s from, she says, “Not from this planet.” But she's exactly what this planet needs right now. 

The young model, signed with No Agency, has already walked the NYFW Runway for Gypsy Sport, appeared in campaigns for Adidas, Urban Outfitters, and made an appearance in Carly Rae Jepson’s video for “Boy Problems.” 

This January, Torraine wrote, produced, and released her full length album “Colonial” alongside Alex Freedom. Now just eight months later, we have already iconic singles "Key Party” and "Forest Hills.” 

Quite like “Colonial,” Torraine penned and produced the tracks along with producer Wyatt Bertz, with whom she regularly records in their DIY basement studio in Brooklyn, aka Torraine’s second home. 

The unconventional love songs are upbeat and high energy, but not in the typical party song sense. The songs feel urgent, containing no empty space — quite like everything Torraine does. 

“I don’t want to waste any time,” she told Bushwick Daily. “Everything is grand. I live fully or not at all.”  

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Cover image courtesy of Torraine Futurum